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What headset should I choose?

What headset should I choose?

In an era of the Internet we have no borders. We can communicate with every person around the world. All we need is computer, Internet connection and call headset. It’s easy and comfortable. Almost everyone of us has an access to computer and an Internet, but a lot of people forget that headphones with microphone are important. Without that our calls will be difficult or impossible to make. That’s why we should take care of high quality headset. What type of headset should we choose?

Wireless headphones

This type of headsets is getting more popular every year. Why? Because they are very comfortable. You can call someone or listen to music exercising, being stuck in a traffic jam or just walking down the street. There’s no wire that is really annoying when you’re moving and that’s why a lot of people choose this type of call headset

However, we need good microphone to allow other people understand us well. Microphones attached to wireless headphones are way worse than others. It can be very problematic when you are in noisy place (like gym, street or bus). In addition, sound quality in wireless headsets are always a bit worse that in wired ones.

Wired headphones

If you want to choose wired headphones, you need to know some things about them. The first one is, that you should use them only at home to feel more comfortable. Of course, you can use them outside, but wire will drive you crazy. The second one is a fact, that connector in your headphones is important.

If you have good computer with good sound card you should choose call headset with connector called Jack 3.5mm (Mini-Jack, Jack Plug, Headphones Jack, etc.). It will provide you the best sound quality.

Of course, many people use laptops, which mostly have bad source of sound. Headphones with USB connector are the best choice then. Headsets like these have their own sound card, so all we need is to just plug them in and we are ready to talk with our friends and family. In addition, this type of headphones have better microphones, what is pretty important. Due to USB we can change colors of light effects and set up our own sound configuration via special program attached to headset.

What type of call headset should we choose then? If we want to feel comfortable all the time, we should take wireless headphones. However, we need to remember to charge them very often.

When we use headphones mostly at home and we appreciate good sound quality, the best choice is wired headset.

It depends on our personal preferences. There is no better and worse. Everyone is different, so everyone enjoys other type of things. Just pick the best one for us and be happy. There’s no need to argue which type is better.